Helfried Albrecht

Helfriend Albrecht 

Helfried´s aim is helping successful leaders to grow by supporting them to stretch their scope of competencies and to develop new levels of skills, for example creating alignment, delegation, gaining commitment, conflict management, impactful communication, executive presence. His basic assumption is: 'The better you get, the easier and less straining it will be to perform convincingly, for the benefit of your people, your company, yourself.' His approach is very pragmatic and behaviorally oriented since only new behaviors can lead to new results. Increase in self-awareness, understanding one´s impact on others and increasing clarity about one´s strengths and goals will always be in his focus. He is challenging in stretching the limits and supportive to meet the challenges. At the end of the day it is only the leader´s development, growth and performance that count. 

In also being an expert in achievement-oriented mental training for sport professionals, Helfried is oriented toward measurable results, accountability and perseverance. He has been involved in the design and delivery of numerous team learning experiences in the corporate world as well as non-profit sectors. He trained several hundred project directors and projects managers to run their projects efficiently and effectively by leading through excellence, vision and convincing leadership behavior. 
Located in Munich, Germany, Helfried works with leaders in Europe, Middle East and the US.
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