How Choosing Inclusion Drives Equity in the Workplace and Communities

Wednesday, April 28, 2021

12:00PM - 1:30PM Eastern Daylight Time




It’s time to move beyond diversity and accelerate equity across the organization and in communities. While HR may excel at leading diversity and inclusion inside the organization, realizing true equity for all employees must move beyond the company walls. Camille Chang Gilmore’s philosophy has always been that “diversity is a given, inclusion is a choice, and equity is the goal, no matter the situation.” In addition to accelerating inclusion and equity across Boston Scientific, a global corporation with more than 29,000 employees, Camille prioritizes her work to also improve health equity in communities.


During the first learning portion of the event, you’ll:
•Learn directly from Camille about her approach to “choosing inclusion”
•Explore how Camille’s approach to HR impacts equity and business outcomes
•Learn how HR impacts inclusivity in healthcare and eliminates health inequities


During the second forum portion of the event, you’ll:
•Connect live with Camille and your HR peers in an open conversation
•Bring your current HR challenges forward for discussion
•Leverage the wisdom of your HR peers to create solutions

Join Jeff Nally and HR thought leader, Camille Chang Gilmore, for a conversation on choosing inclusion to drive equity in your organization and community.


Who is Camille Chang Gilmore?


Camille Chang Gilmore is Vice President of Human Resources and Global Chief Diversity Officer for Boston Scientific. Camille drives global diversity and inclusion strategies and programs that recognize and value the unique talents, attributes, and contributions of more than 29,000 Boston Scientific employees. She also supports the advancement of diversity initiatives in healthcare and in communities around the world. Camille has more than 25 years of HR leadership experience including HRBP roles at Federal Express, Exxon Chemical Company, and IBM. Camille was selected as one of Savoy Magazine’s 2016 Top Influential Women in Corporate America, as well as The Network Journal’s 2018 Top 25 Black Women in Business.


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