Human Resource Professionals Peer Learning Events

Human Resource Professionals are the critical link between human resources offering organizational best practices and the needs of the business.  But as the world is changing around us, HR Professionals  will need new and more innovative approaches to supporting their organizations to thrive and evolve.


This Series of Learning Events is designed to explore some of leading-edge movements in organizational and talent development.  Jeff Nally will sit down with several of the industry’s key thought leaders and explore how critical world events and the industry’s leading thinkers will drive new and dramatically different approaches to how the Human Resource Function will operate in the future. 


Part 2 of the program is a facilitated Peer Learning Event hosted by Jeff Nally and our guest speaker. 


These learning sessions are a unique opportunity for HR Professionals to connect and share their experiences while finding new ways to apply these ideas in their own organizations. 


Jeff Nally is an executive coach, coaching supervisor, professional speaker, and author with over 28 years of experience improving leaders, teams and organizations. As CoachSource’s Vice President of the Global Coach Community, Group Coaching Product Specialist, and Engagement Manager at CoachSource, Jeff leads the strategy, development, and connection for more than 1,100 coaches.











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