CoachSource, LLC is the world's most experienced leadership coaching company. We are a “virtual” firm, with linkages to over 700 experienced and seasoned executive coaches across the globe. Our clients include some of the world's greatest organizations.  Our coaches and managers have 10 - 30+ years of industry experience and staff our CoachFinder database and Worldwide Managementoperation. 

Our roots originate from Keilty Goldsmith & Company, the Alliance for Strategic Leadership and most recently Alexcel.  We embrace the work of Marshall Goldsmith, who is recognized as one of the world’s leading executive coaches. 

Dr. Brian Underhill, Ph.D. is our Founding Partner, and launched CoachSource in 2006 to focus solely on leadership coaching. Brian created the CoachFinder database in 1999, finally naming a service he has provided informally for years. Clients and colleagues - even competing coaching firms - regularly turn to CoachFinder as a resource to locate additional professionals to serve their clients' needs. 

Stephen E. Sass, MS joined CoachSource as Managing Partner in 2007. Steve brings his experience as a senior executive coach and many years of leadership experience at IBM, KPMG, and Sass & Associates, Inc.  Steve executes major client engagements, and helps build our brand as we address the growing demands of executive coaching in the global market.

Brian and Steve continue to build the CoachFinder database andWorldwide Management capabilities into the best in the industry. Brian has hired many of these coaches for his large-scale engagements, and is acquainted with and knows by reputation many of the others as well. His network of international connections expands his reach even beyond those currently listed in the CoachFinder database. Brian travels regularly to meet as many coaches as he can along the way.

Brian and Steve work closely with Marshall Goldsmith and many other world-renown practitioners. Brian regularly speaks to and writes for the industry, and has just co-authored Executive Coaching for Results: The Definitive Guide to Developing Organizational Leaders (Berrett-Koehler, 2007).  The book is rooted in High-Impact Executive Coaching research (with Executive Development Associates), one of the industry's most ambitious coaching research projects. He has recently published a book based on this research and coaching best practices.